In honor of Valentines Day, I was inspired to come clean in my February newsletter…which also allowed me to climb onto my favorite soap box.

How did I come clean, you ask? I admitted that (gasp!) I love money. Yep, it’s true…I love money…what’s more, I wish everyone loved money.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. How tacky, right? Money is, after all, the root of all evil.021908post.jpg

Here’s where I got on my soap box and shouted to the world: Get a grip, folks. That very belief—money is bad—is exactly what keeps so many of you in a financial bind.

“The truth is,“ I wrote, “money, itself, is not bad. Nor is it good. It’s just a bunch of paper and metal. Money can’t shoot a gun or bandage a wound. Money can’t do squat. Only people can.

“I have come to believe that it’s not the love of money that’s the problem. It’s the lack of self-love that leads to trouble.

“Evil stems from fear, insecurity, and self hatred. Prosperity is a by-product of self love, self worth, self respect…loving yourself enough to give yourself what you desire, knowing money is an integral part of that equation.”

I saw it firsthand in my interviews with successful women. Their financial success stemmed directly from their love of self…and the value they placed on what they brought to the table. Furthermore, they created wealth by taking care of their money so their money would take care of them. Now, that’s (self) love!!

The very day my newsletter came out, I was flooded with responses. I’ve never gotten such a strong reaction before. What surprised me most–everyone agreed.

For example, one woman wrote:

“I LOVE MONEY TOO! I agree with what you say about money because it really is just a means to an end. I believe that I read in one of the lectures by the late Emmett Fox that it was not money in and of itself that was the root of evil but more that the root of the evil was that people put their love of money above all else; therein lies the dilemma “

Another responded:

“I loved myself this month by participating in an online seminar to find out how the changes to my 401K would affect me and how to navigate around the Fidelity Investments website. [And] I am taking care of me by taking responsibility for my future which involves being able to retire some day. “

I want to hear from you too. Do you think I’m totally tacky? Or am I touting truth? To read the whole newsletter: