“It’s important for people to look back before they’re able to move forward.”–Karen McCall

Karen McCall has a special place in my heart. She was the first one to tell me I was an underearner. And it really pissed me off!

“I am not,” I said defiantly. “I’m a writer!”

Talk about chutzpah!  Here was the leading pioneer in the field of financial recovery. And I’m arguing with her?

Of course, she saw right through my defenses and gently guided me to the truth.

I can honestly say Karen changed my life…in ways I couldn’t even have predicted at the time!!!

She stopped seeing clients years ago to focus on training Financial Recovery Coaches.

Now there’s BIG NEWS!

Jedi Master McCall (one of her students used this phrase, in an email to me, to describe Karen) is offering a special 3 month program…Financial Recovery Foundational Training…for anyone.

Yes, it’s a prerequisite for the Certification Core Training.

And it’s also ideal for professionals to augment their financial coaching skills.

But, for the first time…and here’s why I’m so excited…this training is open to ANYONE (you, maybe?) who wants to transform their relationship to money.

This is an amazing program. There is nothing like it anywhere that I know. It’s truly transformational! Karen, herself, will be teaching. And the sessions are on the phone.

You will be matched with a personal mentor, led through  your own money history, uncovering limiting beliefs, and given a tool box of “Financial Recovery’s underlying methodology.”

In other words, if you’re really serious about healing your relationship with money, this class was tailor-made for you!!! To learn more: www.financialrecovery.com.

This course will rock your world. Are you ready?


How do you know when it’s time to surrender?

In my case, I just felt ‘blah’, squeezed dry, devoid of creativity, lacking the passion that once was so prominent.  These feelings sort of snuck up on me, caught me by surprise, sometime last summer.

My coach, Martha Lynn Walker, suggested I take a retreat, get a way for a few days. I did and blogged about it earlier –  http://barbarastannyblog.com/2009/12/16/it%E2%80%99s-a-miracle/

I returned reinvigorated, back in the groove. Or so I thought. A few months later, my business partner and I split up. At that point, I really felt lost.

I knew, right then, my “blahs” and the break-up were more than isolated incidences. They were wake up calls, signals from my soul, sending me an urgent message: Stop what you’re doing; Pay attention; there’s something you need to know, but you must be quiet enough to hear it.

I wonder how many of you are receiving similar messages, alerting you to the fact  you’ve somehow drifted  off purpose or  perhaps your direction may be morphing into something altogether different. I wonder how many of you haven’t a clue what to do.  Or are horrified at the very thought of taking time out. Well, my friends, I’m here to help.

Coming up next: a Beginners Guide to Surrender

You know what I’ve come to believe is the biggest pitfall to making more money? It’s simply this: We think we have to have it all figured out first. Yet that’s exactly what slows us down, or keeps us stuck.

I realized this after giving two Overcoming Underearning workshops back to back. When it came to setting financial goals, the women who had the most trouble thinking bigger were the ones who kept trying to figure out exactly what they needed to do to get there. If they couldn’t figure it out, they tended to lower their sights.

That’s not the way it works at all…at least not for the thousands of successful women I’ve interviewed. What these women did was:Reach

1. set a goal,

2. commit to reach it (without having to know exactly how),

3. even if they had a plan, they took advantage of unexpected opportunities that fell in their lap.

A commitment is like a magnet…it attracts coincidences. I always say, once you truly commit to a bigger goal, and you don’t experience coincidences, then you need to go back to the drawing board. You’re obviously not totally committed.

That’s the way it happened for me. I decided to earn $125,000 in the year 2000. As a chronic underearner, I had no idea how I was going to do that. But as I learned from the six-figure women I was interviewing, I didn’t need to figure it out. I just needed to take advantage of synchronicities. Of course, these opportunities always lay right outside my comfort zone.

That’s the real secret to overcoming underearning. It’s not about trying to figure out how, but being willing to let go of control and do what comes next, especially if it’s something you’re scared to do.

My new goal is: Make Millions, Help Millions, Give Millions. Believe me, I have no idea how I’m going to reach that. But once I declared that intention, the universe started tossing synchronicities my way. I’m not there yet, however I’m spending a lot of time in my discomfort zone. I’ll let you know what happens.